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Like a Summer Day!

These cliffs that only the winter sun can paint an incredible light!

For Residents, visitors and others, it becomes the bonus of life!

This beach, bathed by waves that sweep the sand, transforms the sand into small particles, which some analyze as sediment. The sound of the same when they reach the Rebolos (1) of the slope, are notes of music for any walker, that to the rhythm of the same ones, as if swaying.

The cliffs change every day, so: monotony is not part of this scenario!

...Incrivel como estes dias ,curtos, solarengos...

1-Rebolos - Praia dos rebolos em Burgau. Pedra envolta em areia grossa muitas vezes quando se cavavam as terras , tinham que se tirar os burgaus - burgar. Burgão -pedras britadas sobre o terraplano utilizadas como balastro; Burgau - um molusco ,caracol do mar (Livona Pica); Burgão -pedras britadas sobre o terraplano utilizadas como balastro ..


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