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Jeep Tours / Jeep Tours

These tours are specially designed for people who don't like mass tourism places. For those who like to explore places surrounded by nature that have not been corrupted by human activity. 80% of the route is off-road in the heart of the Costa Vicentina Natural Park.
Due to the radical DNA on this tour, you can experience what is really possible to explore with a Jeep in its most off-road aspect. There's nothing better than exploring them with the locals, who know the region better than anyone else.


Electric bicycles / Electric Bikes

Electric bikes offer a fantastic alternative cycling experience, with lithium batteries for extended range. With resistant tires, even the most inexperienced cyclists can get out and explore the surrounding environment without the slightest effort. The bike can be delivered to your door for free without wasting your time. They also have tours through the most beautiful areas of the south coast, where you can enjoy nature and the view with a local guide.

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