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Dolphins! Do you wanna see them?

Today, 17/06/2023 I, Biologist & Geologist at Hotel Burgau Turismo de Natureza, had the privilege to see this remarkable and wonderful creature guided by Marine Biologist Rodrigo Climaco and his wife on Algarve Dolphin Lovers.

Alongside the Portuguese coast, like here in Burgau, it is a transition area between two different environments (i.e. the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea) (Alcaraz et al., 2006) (Moura et al., 2012), therefore this area reveals a rich cetacean biodiversity and most abundant one is the common dolphin (Delphinus delphis) (Moura et al., 2012). These marine animals are described as highly gregarious species, forming big groups of up to several hundred or even thousand individuals, but they present basic social units of 30 to 20 individuals per group (Evans, P., 1994).

Follow for more news and we will keep you updated on activities here at the hotel.


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